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Acupressure ear: acupressure points and the clothespin

Woman gets acupressure treatment of the ears.

Akupressure on the ear is an alternative therapy method based on the assumption that certain points in the ear are connected to various organs and parts of the body. Gentle pressure on these acupressure points can relieve a variety of complaints and symptoms.

An interesting method to stimulate these points is to use a clothespin. In this article we will go into more detail about the acupressure points on the ear and explain how to use the clothespin for self-treatment.

Table of contents

  • The human ear
  • Reflexology and acupressure
  • Acupressure points on the ear and their effect
  • How to use the clothespin
  • Conclusion

The human ear

The human ear has several functions. It allows us to receive and hear sound waves by converting sound into electrical signals that are interpreted by the brain. The ear also helps maintain balance and orientation in space.
It consists of three main parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear captures sound waves, the middle ear amplifies them, and the inner ear converts them into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain.

Reflexology and acupressure

Reflex zones are areas of the body that are associated with specific organs, glands or parts of the body. These zones are used in reflexology and other alternative therapy methods to relieve discomfort and improve overall well-being.

Reflexology is based on the assumption that the body has energy pathways, also called meridians. By applying gentle pressure or massage to specific points or zones on the body, blockages in the energy pathways can be released and the flow of energy restored.

In the case of acupressure on the ear, the reflexology points in the ear are stimulated to have a positive effect on various organs and parts of the body. These points are also called acupressure points on the ear and are connected to the corresponding areas of the body.

It is important to note that reflexology and acupressure are not scientifically recognized medical treatments. However, they can be used as complementary therapy methods to relieve ailments such as headaches, stress or tension. In case of serious health problems, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

The ear contains a total of 44 zones that help alleviate discomfort in various areas of the body through acupressure or acupuncture.

Acupressure points on the ear and their effect

You can simply stimulate these acupressure points with a clothespin and get relief.

First of all, it is important to know that the stimulation of the mentioned points can provide you with relief. If your symptoms do not improve or worsen, consult a doctor.

Point 1: Headache Stimulation of this point is especially good for pressure headaches. It is also said to increase concentration.

Point 2: Digestive problems If you suffer from stomach pain or flatulence, this point will give you relief. You can also press it as a precaution if you often get digestive problems after eating.

Point 3: Colds Press for one minute to relieve pain in the throat and sinuses.

Point 4: Joint pain A one-minute stimulation of this point relieves joint pain and helps with weather sensitivity.

Point 5: General malaise A universal pressure point that relieves discomfort and tension. Press it twice a day for about 30 seconds.

Point 6: Tension in the shoulder and back area Helps with pain and tension in the shoulder and back area. You can press it several times a day for one minute.

How to use the clothespin

Put the clothespin on the respective point mentioned above. It does not matter if you use the left ear. Please make sure not to use the clip on the ear for more than one minute. As mentioned above, you can use the clip several times a day, depending on the point. Even if it pinches a bit, try to relax. It should be a pleasant pain that feels good and is easy to endure. You should feel the first effects after about half an hour.

You can learn more about acupressure in the article: Acupressure: effect, treatment, self-healing.


Ear acupressure is an effective approach to alleviate a wide variety of ailments, which have been mentioned here only in part. The use of a clothespin is a simple way to stimulate the acupressure points on the ear and relax.

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