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Plastic waste in rivers and oceans is massively damaging our planet, this is known to most people. However, the long-term effects on humans, animals and nature are not yet assessable!

On our travels through Asia, we were made aware of the scope of this problem:
The big cities are virtually suffocating in rubbish and even the most beautiful beaches are covered in plastic waste as far as the eye can see.

In order not to be part of this problem, we avoid using plastic in our products as much as possible. But we had the desire to do even more to be part of the solution!

With THE HONU MOVEMENT, we have found an organisation on the Philippine island of Cebu with which we can make a joint contribution against plastic waste pollution!

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Remove plastic waste

THE HONU MOVEMENT collects plastic waste from the ocean with their hands. They do this on beaches, estuaries or with boats directly on the sea.

In the meantime, more than 100 employees are working for them in Southeast Asia. The organisation does not use controversial technologies that interfere with the ocean ecosystem. The plastic waste is collected with the hands of their own employees. Until it is collected by the recycling companies, the plastic is temporarily stored in our specially built "trash cabins" to prevent the wind or animals from redistributing the waste.

Pick up plastic waste
Recycle plastic waste

Recycle plastic waste

From the "trash cabins", the collected plastic waste is taken to an intermediate storage facility. At the temporary storage facility, the collected waste is pre-sorted and made available for collection.
From there, the collected plastic waste continues its journey directly to Cebu City, where the site of the certified recycling company "Guun co. Ltd" is located. The proximity to Cebu results in short transport distances and thus less environmental pollution.

Avoid plastic

What is plastic? How does plastic harm our ecosystem?

These are questions that THE HONU MOVEMENT answers even for the youngest children. They give lessons once a week for children in the collection areas. After the theoretical lesson, the children make things out of plastic waste, for example piggy banks or decorative objects (upcycling). Afterwards, they cook healthy meals together and eat together.

Teach children
Sort plastic waste

Fight poverty

THE HONU MOVEMENT collects plastic from the ocean with its own employees. This not only provides a regular income for the employees, but also a secure future for the families.

Successes to date

Plastic Free Planet Team

Folgende Mengen Plastikmüll konnten wir durch Euch bereits aus dem Meer bergen und recyceln:

1.935 kg

7.329 kg

11.235 kg

7.090 kg

Wir freuen uns gemeinsam mit Euch etwas Gutes zu tun!

How we help together

Social commitment with Plastic Free Planet

We salvage the exact amount of packaging material (cardboard and filling material) that your order contains from the Pacific Ocean together with THE HONU MOVEMENT and return it to the recycling cycle!

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